Our Team


Travis Funkhouser



Travis Funkhouser began preparing taxes in his father-in-law's small tax preparation office back in 2010.  Once Travis earned his CPA license in 2013, he then ventured off on his own as a solo practitioner. Travis serves a wide variety of individuals, couples, and small businesses with tax needs. Whether you need help with your personal taxes, starting or keeping your small business organized, or just have a question - chances are, he can help.


Why Clients Work With Travis


The vast majority of Travis’ clients come to him looking for more than a one-time tax pro. His clients come to him looking for service from a true tax pro that is affordable, knowledgeable, and reliable. They are looking for someone who is proactive with their tax needs, easy to work with, and responsive to their phone calls and emails.  They are looking for someone who can help when questions come up this year, next year, and 15+ years down the road. 

Travis is a trusted, long-term CPA who focuses on client relationships. If this sounds like the relationship  you'd like to have with your CPA, let us know.



Margo Steinlage 

Licensed Medicare Agent


With a background in Estate Planning and Insurance Law and over 10 years of Medicare experience, Margo is able to maneuver the individual Medicare market.  She handles every aspect of Medicare enrollment in the majority of states. When Margo meets with clients, she completes a comprehensive Medicare review; Including: Medicare Advantage; Medigap/supplement, and Part D drug comparisons; IRMAA appeals; comparing and contrasting COBRA, retiree, and group plan costs to Medicare; and instructions on Medicare A/B Enrollment. With a focus on the individual’s needs, she walks clients through the entire Medicare process.

How Margo Steinlage can help you

  • As an independent agent, Margo represents the majority of carriers that offer individual health insurance plans, nationwide. 
  • Continuous communication with the client throughout and after the enrollment process.
  • Annual review with clients - making sure they have the correct plan for their current needs.
  • Margo’s expenses are paid by the insurance company. She creates free proposals, walks clients through Medicare A/B/C/D enrollment and provides a realistic premium estimate for retiree planning and budget purposes.
  • IRMAA Appeals for high wealth individuals and HSA guidance.